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BZT series Solid State Voltage Converter with SVPWM control

Brand : BZ or Bangzhao or OEM

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5-7 working days

Supply capacity : 10000 PCS/Year

1,the voltage of input and output can be custom 2,LCD+LED display 3,Pure sine wave output 4,with low frequency isolation transformer 5,phase angle of 120 6,suitable for all types load

IP45 outdorr Solid State Voltage Converter for all types load

BANGZHAO BZT series single-phase to three-phase converter, adopted SVPWM modulation control technology, which can convert ordinary single-phase power to industrial three-phase power. After through BZT series single-phase to three phase converter power conversion, the three-phase power output is standard pure sine wave, the harmonic distortion rate (THD) is less than 2%, totally meet the national standards of three-phase power quality, applicable to all types of load. 

Bangzhao Electric’s. BZT series Solid State Voltage Converter adopt the USA TI DSP28335 microprocessor as the core, using the sixth mitsubishi IPM intelligent module, simple maintenance,long life, low loss, adopts double closed loop control, quick response and protect the powerful single capacity up to 500 kw, using isolation transformer output to increase the stability of the whole machine, has a strong adaptability to load, the output waveform quality is good, convenient operation, small volume, light weight and so on,it has the short circuit, over current, overload, overheating, surge, overvoltage, undervoltage protection function, to ensure the power supply reliable operation.

2 phase to 3 phase Solid state voltage converter from 3kw to 100kw power range optional

Technical Features for 3kw to 300kw Solid State Voltage Converter

1. Common mains input, two phase voltage input, three phase voltage input, eliminating the need for three-phase power, or equipment voltage does not match the cumbersome procedures and a variety of labor costs and a variety of hidden costs, the output of pure sine Wave, suitable for all types of AC loads.

2. The output is the use of industrial three phase electricity, but according to civilian single phase electricity billing, good economy

3. The core components are imported devices, stable performance, long service life

4. Safe and reliable, single phase electric input and output three-phase electric complete electrical isolation

5. The phase angle of 120 °, The harmonic distortion rate of less than 2%, fully meet the national power quality standards for all types of load.

6. The wide Input voltage range design, to adapt to the regional general electricity voltage is low working environment

7. Output perfect protection function, with output over-voltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature, self-diagnosis protection and other protection.



BZT  series 3kw to 300kw

Circuit  Mode

IPM  module ,SVPWM Modulation

Output waveform

Standard  pure sine wave

Input  Voltage

1 phase 2 wire/2 phase 3  wire/3 phase 4 wire+PE wire 50HZ/60HZ±10HZ(can customization)

Output  Voltage

1 phase 2 wire/2 phase 3  wire/3 phase 4 wire+PE wire

Output  Frequency

50HZ  /60HZ(30-90HZ can continuously  adjustable)

Startup mode selection

Stable  frequency step-down start or frequency start (can be selected on the LCD  screen settings)

Frequency stability


Load regulation



≦2﹪(Linear load

Phase Angle


Crest  factor ratio


LCD  display

Output voltage, output current, output frequency, output power, fault  code, time temperature, startup mode selection, setting parameters

Protection  Function

output over-current protection, overvoltage protection,  over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, under-voltage  protection, and alarm delay of the buzzer function

Protective Reaction Time


Machine efficiency


insulation properties

1800V  AC/10mA/1min

Insulation impedance

500V  DC/50MΩ

Cooling method

Forced air cooling



Ambient temperature


Using environment humidity

0~95﹪(No condensation


The above parameters are for reference only, can  be customized according to customer's requirement!

Voltage and frequency BZT series Solid State Voltage Converter with SVPWM control converter:

1,50HZ to 60HZ or 60HZ to 50HZ

2,Single phase 220VAC to 3 Phase220VAC

(L+N=120VAC to L1+L2+L3=220VAC,L1,L2,L3+N=127VAC)

3,2 phase 240VAC to 3 phase 220VAC

(L1+L2=240VAC,L1,L2 +N=120VAC to L1+L2+L3=220VAC,L1,L2,L3+N=127VAC )

4,3 Phase 220VAC to 3 phase 380VAC

(L1+L2+L3=220VAC,L1,L2,L3+N=127VAC to L1+L2+L3=380VAC,L1,L2,L3+N=220VAC)

5,3 Phase 380VAC to 3 phase 240VAC

(L1+L2+L3=380VAC,L1,L2,L3+N=220VAC to L1+L2+L3=240VAC,L1,L2,L3+N=138VAC)

Also can choose with DC input

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