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OEM BZP-120KW Photovoltaic Energy Storage Inverter

Brand : BZ or Bangzhao or OEM

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 7-10 working days

Supply capacity : 10000 PCS/Year

1,battery storage inverter 2,no battery storage inverter 3,Solar energy system,or wind power system 4,OEM factory inverter

120kw Photovoltaic Energy Storage Inverter with batteries backup system


1. 3KW-250KW Photovoltaic Energy Storage Inverter with batteries backup system

2. Can design solar system according to your requirement and your local solar condition,used for house,office,factory,farm,water pump,lighting.etc.

3. The system is designed automatically switch to grid power when battery power off ,then grid power will charge battery.When grid power not available,can switch to run on diesel generator so as to continue water pump irrigating or other application.

4. Our company have produced solar inverter, solar controller and PV combiner box for many years, With reliable quality and very competitive prices, we have exported products to USA, South America, Europe, India and Southeast Asia,and gotten good feedback from our overseas customers.

Our products from raw materials to finished products every process, every aspect of all strictly by professionals in order to ensure product quality. Also we can provide the certificate to ensure the quality of our productions, mainly CE, IEC, TUV,UL1741,CSA, ISO.

Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Our BZP series Off Grid Pure sine wave inverter is one of the most advanced DC to AC conversion products in the world, it is suitable use for areas without electricity, vehicles, ships, solar energy, wind turbine and other renewable energy systems and etc, can supply power and provide guarantee effectively for the areas with traffic inconveniences, in the mountains, pastoral, border, island and other areas without electricity. It has the main advantages of high quality sine wave AC output, microcomputer control, humanness design, and it is high efficiency and low no-load loss, and no pollution. The inverter can also supply AC power to all kinds of electric equipment, air conditioners, electric motors, refrigerators, fluorescent lights, televisions, electric fans and other industrial power supply. 

Technical details for 120kw Photovoltaic Energy Storage Inverter with batteries backup system



Isolation mode

Low Frequency Transformer

DC Input

Rated  voltage (Vdc)


Rated currentA


AC Output

Rated output power


Output waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Rated Voltage



3 phase 4 wire

Rated currentA

182A (phase current)


50Hz or 60Hz

Rated output voltage range (V)

380/400/415/440VAC optional

Power FactorPF


Overload Ability

150%, 5 seconds



Waveform distortion rate (THD)

<3%Linear load

Dynamic Response (0 to 100% load)




Running mode

Working continuously

Electrical insulation properties

2000Vac, 1 Minute

Communication  interface (optional)


Protection Function


Input reverse polarity, under  voltage, overvoltage, output over-current, short circuit, overheating etc.

Cooling method


Short-circuit protection

No automatic recovery, need to restart the machine

Working  environment

Noise ( 1 meter)


Degree of protection


Working Altitudem


Working temperature


relative  humidity


Mechanical  dimension

Depth* Width * Height


Weight Kg


also you can optional "dry contact control "start the generator.

1. The first normal open dry contact control generator start, when the inverter shuts off from low DC voltage,
the dry contact into normal closed status to start your generator.
2. The second normal closed dry contact, when the battery voltage recover to normal,
the inverter start to work and the normal closed dry contact disconnected, can be used to stop the generator.

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