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IP65 no isolation transformer 3 phase off line inverter

Brand : BZ or Bangzhao or OEM

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 3-5 days

Supply capacity : 10000PCS/Year

no isolation transformer 3 phase off inverter from 305-600VDC input


1, no-load loss only 15-30W, high efficiency range from 94 to 97%.

2, light weight, 1-3KW weight only 21KG, 4-10KW weight about 23KG

3, The wall-mounted type :small size and beautiful, small noise, less than 35 dB

4,IP65 high water level can be installed outdoors

5, single-phase AC220V output,the DC voltage input range is 305-600V,and the voltage inside this range can do this type.

6, three-phase without isolation will be the 6U rack-mounted type, three-phase 380V output,the DC range is 510-850VDC, the maximum power can be up to 250KW

7, using Mitsubishi IPM intelligent module, powerful protection, simple structure, high efficiency and easy maintenance, long lifetime.

8, using the United States TI DSP28335 TI chip, running fast, high precision and stability

9,also can make a wide range of solar panels without battery energy storage system inverter, you can choose two inputs

10, IP65 type single-phase power up to 12KW, three-phase to 8KW.


IP65 waterproof inverter type:



Rack mounted type:


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